IEEE YP KHI Meet up with Dr. Zia Ahmed

IEEE YP KHI Meet up with Dr. Zia Ahmed

IEEE Young Professionals Karachi Section organized its first meet-up in Usman Institute of Technology which was chaired by Engr. Muhammad Hanan Daudpota whereas Dr. Zia Ahmed, Chairman, IEEE Australian Council were invited as the Guest of Honour. Mr. Omeal Ahmed G.M, K. Electric and M. Nabeel, CEO Edvon were invited as Industrial Representatives to discuss the possible futuristic collaborations and perks of IEEE professional membership.

Dr.Zia Ahmed highlights that how to use IEEE for own benefits, we don’t have to give anything, there are many opportunities for us to use to make our career better .He also shared this personal experiences which were very appreciable was well as helpful for the betterment of the organization.

Dr. Zia Ahmed address the importance of IEEE for YP and industries. The wide-ranging discussion addressed important issues facing students and fresh graduates, how the IEEE community can support members to overcome the potential challenges. He spoke about how YP platform would be effective to bridge the gap between industry and academic needs. He further added into this, by organizing mock interview sessions in student branches, will give them the idea of how industries will hire and what attributes they are looking for in an individual.  It must ensure that we have oversight of challenges and needs of young engineers in Industry.

The highest node was how to interact with the Technology world.

Young Professionals today confront numerous difficulties in their early career which incorporate adjusting a social existence with the professional career, understanding the organization culture and building up a career pathway, obtaining a further education while concentrating on day to day activities and how one can maintain work-life balance

Over here Mr.Omeal also share his views that in the field they need technical person which have the skills to handle the situation. He also shares his views that what they face and what they want for the organization.

A token of appreciation was given to Dr Zia Ahmed by Engr Parkash Lohana and a tradition “Ajrak” was presented to Dr Zia Ahmed by Engr. Muhammad Hanan Daudpota.


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